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First of all this post is racist as fuck. Is it because all of these women are black? NONE OF THESE NAMES ARE GHETTO and the amount of notes it has are disgusting. 

Ashanti - A common name in Ghana. It is a name from a powerful African empire. It is a fucking African name.

Aaliyah - It’s also a fucking African name. It means “High Exalted”, “Highest of All”, “To Ascend”. It also means Princess, Beautiful, Goddess, and some other beautiful meanings.

Beyonce - Oh look, another fucking African name. It means “beyond others”. It also derives from the French surname Beyincé, which is also her mother’s maiden name.

Ciara - It is of Irish origin and it means “dark haired beauty” or “black”.

Onika - Yet, another African name. It means warrior and is most often used as a boy’s name. 

Last but not least, Zendaya, which is also a fucking African name. It is a language of Zimbabwe/Southern Zambi. It means “To give thanks”.

Just because it’s not of your culture doesn’t mean it’s fucking ghetto. Who wants a common ass name anyway? You are racist and ignorant. Please educate yourself. 




They tried it 

How the Fuck is Ciara a ghetto name. None of them are ghetto obviously, but Ciara is the most generic of the ones listed.

So glad you went in so that I wouldnt have to. The person who posted this should have started by saying, “I’m uneducated with little culture and no stamps in my passport.”

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6’9 sex beast

those lips

Via Pandah BeaR ...

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